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My Ideal Job

  • Strong technical culture
  • High impact
  • Remote friendly
  • Small teams


Software Engineer - Square

[ | February 2013 - Present] [ | San Francisco]

I got in touch with Square after contributing to their open source libraries. I moved to the San Francisco office to work with the best Android engineers.

I contributed to every release of Square Point of Sale for Android since March 2013.

In June 2013 I led the Android software side of the new Square Reader.

In August 2013 I led a HackWeek project: SQUA(RED), a special red edition of the Square reader to fight AIDS. Our great hardware team made that a real product.

In March 2014, I started leading the engineering effort to bring Square POS to Android Tablets. I made sure to implement new features on mobile as well, as I believe the screen size frontier is much less clear today, and features should be ubiquitous.

In August 2015 I wrapped up my work on the Android Tablets team, which had grown from 1 to 6 engineers. We were done catching up with the iPad and started focusing on building new features. Our work was the app foundation for the Square Register.

From September 2015 to January 2016 I worked on a super cool secret project that I cannot mention here. Small team, high throughput, we built a great app really fast.

In February 2016, I joined the new Developer Platform team as its Android lead. We released Register API 1.0 a few months later.

In March 2016 I started organizing a monthly internal lightning talk series. One hour, 5 lightning talks across all of engineering. This has been running since, with an attendance of about 100-150 engineers.

In August 2018 we released the Square Reader SDK. This was a high complexity and high risk project. We prototyped it during a hackweek in August 2016, built a pilot in just a quarter, and then iterated through private betas for another 1.5 year.

In January 2019 we released the In-App Payments SDK. Our team built it really fast and really well, as a high functioning team with almost a hive mind, knocking out bugs and features left and right. This isn’t just an SDK, it’s a delightful experience. We carefully crafted every detail, from the shape of (Kotlin first) APIs, to the SDK UI (only XML vector drawables, advanced canvas drawing, responsive animations with ConstraintLayout), to the code of the sample app (examplary example code!), to the structure of the quick start guide.

In March 2019 I joined the Developer Empowerment organization to take on a new challenge, focusing on the reliability on Square mobile apps and SDKs.

Lead Software Developer - Siine

[ | September 2011 - January 2013] [ | Barcelona & Paris]

After two years of contracting work, I decided it was time to have fun and work on more impactful projects.

At Siine, we created a fun and easy to use Android Keyboard. Our goal was to improve context typing.

I rebuilt the whole app on top of the AOSP keyboard so that we could focus our efforts on building new UX, cleaned up our build process, added feature toggles, CI, and automatic releases.

During my time at Siine, I released the Siine Keyboard, RefereePro to empower soccer referees, and PhOCD, a one day hackaton experiment.

Software Engineer - bfinance

[ | November 2010 - September 2011] [ | Paris]

After a year at JCDecaux, I wanted to do less driving. Excilys found a nice new contract for me: bfinance, a financial services firm.

It was a challenging time to join the team, after all the software engineers had left. Two weeks in, I was the sole developer of two complex tender managing applications. The first one is used for cash management analysis, and the other for financing and banking relationship analysis.

These applications had been developed with a full team over several years. In order to keep potential regressions under control, I introduced continuous integration, a clean release process, and frequent small releases.

Software Engineer - JCDecaux

[ | November 2009 - November 2010] [ | Paris]

JCDecaux liked the Android prototype I had done for them and I came in for a 3 months contract to finish the app. The food was great, so I ended up staying a year and contributed to many other projects.

I took over the REST endpoint that talked to the mobile apps, a Tomcat / MySql app that was consuming web services. It was a stepping stone for what later became JCDecaux Open Data API.

I also wrote their first GWT app, a map with a live overview of the state of the Velib stations for supervision and support purposes. You can see it here.

Software Engineer - Excilys Group

[ | August 2009 - September 2011] [ | Paris]

After my engineering internship at Excilys, I got a full time offer.

Over these two year as a contractor, I worked for two clients: JCDecaux and bfinance.

I also managed Excilys technical blog, gave Android & GWT trainings, and created a widely used Open Source library for Android: AndroidAnnotations.

Engineering Internship - Excilys Group

[ | February 2009 - July 2009] [ | Paris]

After writing software for Excilys during college, I decided to get an internship.

I worked with skilled software engineers and learned a lot about Java.

I discovered Android, had fun with it, and soon enough I was creating a prototype app for JCDecaux Velib maintenance team.

Side projects

Call For Paper committee - Devoxx US 2017

[ | October 2016 - March 2017] [ | San Francisco]


[ | May 2015 - Present] [ | San Francisco]

LeakCanary is an Open Source memory leak detection library for Android.

Call For Paper committee - Devoxx France 2013

[ | October 2012 - April 2013] [ | Paris]

The Devoxx team contacted me for my mobile and Android skills, and my interest in the Java community.

I helped organizing Devoxx France 2013 (2000+ attendees) and selecting talks as part of the Call For Paper committee.


[ | December 2010 - December 2012] [ | Paris]

AndroidAnnotations is an Open Source framework that enables Android developers to focus on their business problem rather than the plumbing that connects components and systems.

I presented it at FOSDEM 2012, PAUG, Devoxx France 2012, OWF 2012, Devoxx 2012, LyonJUG.

I created and maintained this project on my free time. Excilys contracted with me to maintain it from September 2011 to December 2012.


[ | February 2012] [ | Paris]

VuzZz was created during the Android DevCamp Paris 2012, a 3 day hackaton with 10 competing teams. After 48 hours of intense non stop hacking, our team finished first. VuzZz downloads geolocated data from several Open Data sources and then gives a note to a given address based on 50 criteria grouped in 6 categories (culture, transport, etc). The perfect tool for finding your next apartment!

[ | September 2011 - September 2012] [ | Paris] is a neutral open platform to compare political programs. I joined this non-profit organization on my free time to create the Android app.


[ | 2006] [ | Paris]



[ | January 2003 - December 2004] [ | Paris]

With a team of 20 passionate people, we created a 3D RTS game using DarkBASIC on our free time (I was in High school).

2H4U 2H4U 2H4U


Education is what remains after one has forgotten everything he learned in school.

INSA Rouen

[ | Master’s degree, Computer Software Engineering] [ | 2004 - 2009] [ | Rouen, France]

The INSA Rouen is a French School of Engineering. I earned a Diplôme d’Ingénieur en Architecture des Systèmes d’Information.

ASI : Architecture des Systèmes d’Information

During my last semester I led 9 students for 6 months on a software project for Excilys. We worked 20 hours a week to create a functional testing tool (built on top of FIT) that would enable functional test driven development.

We used agile practices (Scrum / XP) and were certified ISO 9001-2000. That means walls covered with post-its, a lot of paperwork, and a little bit of coding.

Kungliga Tekniska Högskolan

[ | Information & Communication Technology] [ | 2008] [ | Stockholm, Sweden]

My last Engineering semester of Engineering School was in Stockholm, Sweden, in the Royal Institute of Technology. I studied ICT - Information & Communication Technology.

I took classes on Network Security (amazing class), Software Design (UML mi amor) and Entrepreneurship (it’s the team, not the idea).

I also learnt how to make a really good Tortilla de patatas.

Lycée Albert Schweitzer

[ | Baccalauréat scientifique mention Bien] [ | 2001 - 2004] [ | Le Raincy, France]

I was in a European class, which meant more English courses.

On my free time, I learnt a lot about coding by contributing to a 3D RTS game. My last year practical work was on generic algorithms, I wrote a somewhat working implementation for the traveling salesman problem, in DarkBasic (a Basic with 2D commands).


  • Functional Programming Principles in Scala
    • Coursera, November 2012
  • Sun Certified Programmer for the Java Platform, SE 6
    • 91%, License CX-310-065, November 2009
    • 940, 2008
  • First Certificate of Cambridge
    • Grade B with distinctions, 2004