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Pierre-Yves Ricau

👋 Nice to meet you! My friends call me P-Y or Pierre. My pronouns are he / him. I work at Square within Block, in San Francisco, as an Android Distinguished Engineer.


I live in San Francisco, I enjoy being with my family, rollerblading, baking and reading sci-fi.


Since 2009 I’ve mostly been doing Android adjacent things. I like to vent on social media then write proper technical articles at I’ve worked at Square for the last decade. Over the years I have published a number of open source libraries (including LeakCanary), technical articles and presentations.

Reach out!

I usually read any DM that isn’t recruiting or spam on social media, except for LinkedIn. I never open LinkedIn. If you really want my attention, get someone I trust to connect us.

Pierre-Yves Ricau

This is me!