Square cash mailto

[ | October 17, 2013]

This week, Square introduced Square Cash, a new service that lets you send money to your friends through email.

To use it, just send your friend an email with the amount in the subject and Cc cash@square.com.

That’s it, you don’t need to install any new app, go through a painful signup process, or use a specific email provider.

It’s free, simple, secure.

Here is a trick I’d like to share with you: you can make it even simpler for friends who owe you money by sending them a mailto link. Then, they just need to click on the link to open their favorite email app and send that worthy email.

<a href="mailto:your@email.com?subject=$1&amp;cc=cash@square.com">Send me money!</a>

Send me money!

I think that’s a pretty cool way to collect money from your friends :) .

Side note: as of now, Square Cash only works in the US.